Monthly Archives: November 2013

Free again.

There is a major change in my professional life; I am free again for new challenges and opportunities.

The job at SumOfUs has emerged as something very different than I anticipated. I learned a lot there and I think SumOfUs is a very interesting project, and I wish them lots of success. However, it is currently definitely not the place where I want to work. This is partly due to the style of campaigning and partly due to the American organizational culture.

So now I have time again to read interesting articles, to attend conferences, to do something with friends to moderate events, to advise projects and organizations, …

In the coming months I will search my political project for the coming years. I am open to suggestions and ideas!

Why a blog?

There are two main reasons for me now to write / blog on my own website:

  1. Whoever wanted to know what I am doing, had to look at my facebook page. Most of its content is public, but I wanted to make it possible for people to read about me without giving their data to facebook. Equally important, I want to keep control over my own content – irrespective of future changes of facebook’s policies.
  2. I am looking for a new job/mission/task. It became clear that the work at SumOfUs was not what I imagined when I decided in May to change away from Doctors without Borders.