The next months I’ll be fighting @ for renewable energy in Germany

One of the weakest points of the new German government is to slow down the transition to renewable energy and the growing support for the interests of the coal industry. However, there is still hope that the coalition agreement is vague enough that its consequences could be significantly ameliorated. is going to organize political pressure directed at the German government.  They asked me to start immediately and work as Energy campaigner in the next months. This is a great opportunity to apply my (new) knowledge in online campaigning to a current and important issue and, at the same time, to see how Campact is doing the online campaigning. Therefore I accepted and will be interim energy campaigner, starting officially on January 1.

I am already looking for ward to working closely with Christoph Bautz and Christine Spannagel in this area.

I used the last days to read up on the issue. Very exciting to see after so many years I didn’t work on energy, how cheap photo voltaic energy became, but also, how fucked up the European Emission Trading System is. – I immediately bought a few CO2 certificates at and deleted them. (Nice Xmas present, BTW. ;-). )


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